1. Captivating.
    - NerdReactor
  2. Incredible.
    - Polygon
  3. Addictive.
    - TechCrunch
  1. Bishop

    Don’t yield.
    Dual wield.

    A Gun Cleric whose mastery of Gun Fu and dual Crusader Pistols turn any shootout into a ballet of bullets.

    1. Dual pistols
    2. Charged shot
    3. Proximity reload
    4. Fusion shot
    5. Timewarp
    6. Bulletstorm
  2. Boss

    Demolition man

    A Street Merc with a deadly Dominator Shotgun and literal Iron Fist who’ll take on anyone as long as the price is right.

    1. Nade launcher
    2. Quad chamber
    3. Aerial detonation
    4. Iron fist
    5. Fury mode
    6. Air juggle
  3. Saija

    Sharp blade.
    Deadly mind.

    A Cyber Ninja who wields her deadly Flash Blade and telekinetic Ninjutsu in her hell-bent quest for revenge.

    1. Telekinesis
    2. Focal strike
    3. Dual katanas
    4. Katana throw
    5. Shadowslash
    6. Levitation smash
  4. Elder

    Make them quiver

    A Rogue Hunter and master assassin whose Viper Bow and crystal matter emitter always catch their targets off guard.

    1. Multi-shot arrow
    2. Holo decoy
    3. Charged arrow
    4. Tagging arrow
    5. Crystal hazard
    6. Explosive arrows

Game Features

  1. Intuitive full-body
    active VR

  2. Multiplayer

  3. Real life mechanics are
    and easy to play

  4. Challenging
    and difficulty modes

  5. Deployable
    for strategic combat

  6. Class-based
    & ultimate finishers

Back to back

Online co-op campaign

Team up to take down Eden Corp and save humanity in a thrilling sci-fi story campaign.

Head to head

Player vs. Player

SyndiK8 vs. Eden Corp: whichever side you’re on, this fight is personal. Includes both king of the hill and duel modes.


Explore multiple immersive environments as you delve into the sinister secrets behind Eden Corp’s benevolent facade.

Explore the world of Raw Data
Explore the world of Raw Data

For extra life insurance deploy defenses

  1. Lasers
  2. Plasma
  3. Mortars
  4. Shields
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    2. “The most addictive FPS on VR.”
    3. “A ‘VR Dream Come True.’”
    1. “Arguably the best title in VR.”
    2. “The most impressive VR action to date.”
    3. “A game that will get your heart pounding.”
    1. “Intuitive, challenging, and
      an incredible amount of fun.”
    2. “A very cool and captivating experience.”
    3. “One of the best experiences... a VR classic.”