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OVERKILL – a Starbreeze studio is a blend of industry veterans, freshly graduated specialists and great partners. It’s a veritable melting pot of experience and ambition and a new approach to development that will kill over the traditions.

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Over the years Starbreeze Studios and OVERKILL have developed several games. Please take some time and browse our portfolio.

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The Auction Is About To Start!

| Steam Community | No Comments
Today we release the Shackelthorne Auction heist and a nice cocktail to go with it. Sneak in under the cover of the rainy night or just proudly walk in guns in hands. The isolated mansion in New England offers the perfect heisting opportunity for the PAYDAY gang. You need to get your hands on something that was lost for a very long time, a priceless artifact.While downloading the update; check out the heist and its backstory as well as the latest cocktail recipe on the event site: ICEBREAKERUpdate 185.0 ChangelogUpdate…

Cocktail Competition

| Steam Community | No Comments
Hello party goers!We hope you are having fun gaming with Joy and perhaps you’ve already tried to mix a Blood Diamond? Today we won’t add new content to the game, you will have to hold out till tomorrow, but we do have a small contest for you.Today’s webpage has a new lovely drink for our heisters. However it’s unnamed and you can come up with a fun, clever or interesting PAYDAY-esque name.To partake or read more about the contest follow this link: Cocktail CompetitionAt the end of the contest, we…

Oh Joy! Let The Event Begin!

| Steam Community | No Comments
Exactly today, 5 years ago on the 13th of August 2013, PAYDAY 2 officially released on steam. What better way to celebrate such anniversary by kicking off an event?ICEBREAKER has officially started and guess who arrives first? Joy is making her pc debut and directly proofs herself useful by helping the gang with the auction invitation. What appears to be an impossible task to most of us, looks like easy cake when she starts playing her keyboard just like a piano! Joy comes with her own “Hacker” Perk Deck, Akimbo…

It's Time To Break The Ice

| Steam Community | No Comments
Heisters, since this summer feels a bit different, at least weather-wise, therefore, we used the AC in our office to stay cool and created something out of the ordinary for you! Like never before, we decided to have a small event this summer! We don’t plan to make this event an annual thing just like Spring Break or Crimefest. Enough small talk, stack up on fans for your gaming corner this weekend, because next week it’s ICEBREAKER time!Like Spring Break and Crimefest, ICEBREAKER will follow the same structure, means content…

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